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Massage Therapy Chairs

Massage chairs are the equipment of choice for therapists who work on-site in environments ranging from offices to fitness centers. Tables aren’t always an option for therapists who travel for sessions. Space can be limited and there might not be room for a whole set up. Massage chairs are specifically designed to achieve correct body alignment in clients in a small space and are practical, low-cost alternatives to a massage table. Chairs are usually made out of aluminum, to make them both sturdy and lightweight, and can weigh as little as 18 pounds.

Desktop Massage Chair

A desktop massage chair is constructed to attach to any flat surface, such as a desk or table, making it a perfect choice for therapists who need to create instant massage stations in various places. Massage therapists use chairs in locations such as malls, airports, convention centers, and salons. The chairs have supports for the head and face, which gives the therapist easy access to sore neck muscles. Clients who are handicapped or pregnant are typical users of the desktop massage chair.

Popular desktop massage chairs are constructed to be portable and often fold down for easy transport. Many chairs come with a custom-fit carrying case, with wheels or straps for moving. Carrying cases also have extra features, such as pouches for any oils, lotions, or healing stones you may also want to use. Usually, however, desktop massages are performed without the use of oils to preserve workplace attire and make clean up a snap.

The Benefits of Massage Chairs

As the therapeutic benefits of massage become widely known, human resource offices have begun to employ therapists to practice their de-stressing techniques on employees. Chair massages are conducted on fully clothes clients, usually for around 15 minutes. Massage therapists who own portable chairs can set up shop anywhere, from the beach to a beauty salon. You might try advertising your services for parties and showers. Most everyone can benefit from a quick, effective massage. Capitalize on this need by investing in a chair that will work in a large variety of environments.

Choosing a Chair

What chair you ultimately purchase depends on a few factors. Certain chairs have been manufactures expressly to provide the therapist with precise access to neck or shoulder muscles. As knowledge of the human body’s response to massage has changed and improved, so has the design of massage chairs. It is now possible to find a massage chair that is comfortable, lightweight, and sturdy for a reasonable price. Look for a chair that is both comfortable and will position the client correctly for the type of massage you practice. If you plan to move from site to site during a normal working day, choose a chair that is easy for you to carry and set up. The best massage chairs are up-to-date with the most current technology, as well as comfortable for many body types.

Although appearance shouldn’t be the overriding reason in your decision, a smart choice as to color and material can make a big difference in your income. Opt for an eye-catching color and inviting fabric to better entice clients to the massage chair.


One of the most appealing aspects of massage chairs is that they are relatively inexpensive as compared to a full table. Massage therapists who are just starting their business often begin by offering massages in 15 or 20-minute increments. By using a mobile massage chair, therapists can move effectively from space to space, generate some extra income, and gain some new clients. It is possible to purchase a massage chair for less than $200, making it a great option for students as well as new therapists.